Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

Application examples by equipment
Equipment Application Opening Conditions Magnified View of System Features

Construction Equipment 1

⇒ Center spindle
(center joint)

0 ~ 34.3 MPa
0~ 350 kgf/cm²
– 30 ~ 100°C

Seal fitting groove is mainly provided on the side. ROI or SPNRI is used for each oil port seals. These packings have high durability and sealing ability. For the seal of drain port, oil seal (TCN) for high pressure is mainly used. This seal is used also as dust seal.

Construction Equipment 2

⇒ Link pin
⇒ Hinge pin

– 30 ~ 100°C

VAY or DLI2, DLI is used to protect the bearings from dust. Grease draining mechanism should be provided for periodical grease replacement.

Construction Equipment 3

⇒ Crawler belt pin

– 30 ~ 80°C

ROC is used for this oscillating application, in order to retain lubricant oil and prevent entry of dust. There are two (2) types of structure, grease-filled type and oil-filled type.

Industrial Equipment

⇒ Pump
⇒ Motor
⇒ Reduction unit

– 0.03 ~ 0.2 MPa
– 0.3 ~ 2 kgf/cm²
– 15 ~ 110°C

TCN is used for high pressure application.